The internet has revolutionised the way businesses interact with customers and visa versa. Now, instead of customers having to drive into their local town or city and browse the stores that are available to them, a customer can shop online through millions of stores with the option of next-day delivery.

However, whereas many customers who had a question in a physical store could simply ask the shop assistant, shopping online posing some problems. According to study conducted by Econsultancy, 83% of customers need support before making a purchase online. Consider how your store handles customer queries. Do they have to send an email and wait several days for a response, or maybe just refer to your FAQs page?

If this is the case, it might be worth considering an investment in live chat support or seeing a potential return on your live chat investment. To help you make this decision, here’s everything you need to know.


Live Chat is Convenient

The primary advantage of using a live chat system is the convenience that you provide your customers. Nowadays, customers around the world are no longer interested in calling up company phone numbers, such as 0800 and 1-800 numbers, and navigating the tedious options menu.

Instead, customers simply click the live chat option on your page for near-instant access to an online assistant to have all their questions answered in their own time at their own convenience.

Live Chat is Cost-Effective

Having a call centre and sales department for your business can be extremely expensive, especially when you have to pay for the hardware, software and staffing costs. However, you can cut these expenses by investing in a live chat solution.

Consider how long a phone conversation lasts with a potential customer in comparison to the duration of a live chat conversation. With lower interaction duration, your staff can handle more customer queries in a day, typically more than one at a time, providing a better customer service and a larger volume of queries.

A Better, More Personal Experience

The key to a successful live chat conversation is the ability to guide a customer through their purchasing process. For example, imagine a customer is confused with how the website works or have a question about a certain product that’s stopping them from buying it.

With live chat features, the customer can quickly ask the advisor how to proceed or the customer on their mind for instant answers. According to recent study, live chat increases business turnover as the customer has all their purchasing concerns addressed, leading to them making that all-important purchase.

When replying to customers, you need to make sure your messages are accurate and grammar is correct. To improve your employee’s grammar skills, you can use tools and checkers like State of Writing and Via Writing. It seems to be easy to reply to messages but even little mistake can cost you a customer.

According to stats, 59% of people said that grammar mistakes scare them from buying from company. So it is crucial for your business reputation. You can also use website services like Grammarix and Australian Help to proofread and edit your responses in drafts to ensure they’re perfect.

Ahead of the Competition

Consider how many of your competitors haven’t already implemented a live chat system and consider the advantages listed above. With this in mind, it becomes clear that implementing a live chat service on your website is a great way to step in front of your competition and rise to new levels of success.

According to an E-Marketer report, two out of ten live chat participants completed over 75% of their holiday shopping using online stores and more than 25% more live chat partakers made all their purchases online.

This is a huge market to tap into, and it’s clear to see that adding a live chat feature can expand your target markets, bring in more leads and ultimately more customers.

Obtain Valuable Feedback

If you’ve ever used the live chat system of a website, you may be aware of the feedback form that appears after the conversation has finished. This is only possible with live chat platforms unless you’re willing to ask or call-back a customer after a phone conversation has taken place.

“By gathering feedback from your customers, you can enhance your customer experience to give your customers exactly what they are looking for in their experience, whether it’s friendly staff or adjustments to your website,” shares Jennifer Longwood, a customer service manager for Paper Fellows.

Of course, the better the experience you provide, the more revenue your business will make. Be sure to use word counters, like Easy Word Count that can restrict the number of words you’re using in a reply, so the information is easily digestible and simple enough for every customer to understand.

To make things convenient for you and your business, you can use writing services, such as Big Assignments, to create draft answers to common questions your business experiences that can speed up your reply times.


As you can see, there are a plethora of benefits to adding a live chat system to your website which will benefit every aspect of your business. If you’re looking for a solution to boost your revenue, enhance your customer experience and save money on your budget, investing in a live chat system could be the solution for you.

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