This infographic from QuickSprout shows some interesting statistics on how a more complicated form can reduce conversion rates. Having only 3 fields compared to 6+ for instance can increase conversions by 25%. Customers can sometimes find contact forms a little daunting. Why do you want to know my birthday? How will my telephone number be used? Are common questions.

Trust is a very important deciding factor when customers are considering buying online. Consumers don't want their information to be sold to other companies and they want their information to remain secure. According to recent TRUSTe research 60% of people say they are more concerned about security now than they were a year ago.

LivePerson found that 41% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if live chat is available on their site. Live chat means more people are willing to hand over more information and you can therefore increase conversions. One extra question doesn't cost you a big drop in conversion rates either. More questions in a live chat conversation simply mean that the agent and customer start to build a stronger relationship; it's chance for further discussion and development of the conversation.


reduce options increase conversions

View the original article from QuickSprout here.

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