Some people are strangely surprised when we tell them that live chat can be used to increase sales on their eCommerce site as well as improve customer service. But they shouldn't be. With Predator Nutrition, a client of ours, we produced a record conversion rate of 28% soon after going live on their site. We also increased average order value by 8%, all within the space of a few weeks. We increase sales using live chat in a number of ways and we've teamed up with software developer LiveChat to produce this infographic explaining some of these methods.


Personalisation, targeted proactive chat greetings, customising the chat window and discovering customer pain points are the 4 main ways to increase sales using live chat. If you're interested in finding out why these work and how to implement them for your website then check out the infographic below.

Predator Nutrition

For Predator Nutrition in particular we have produced a proactive chat strategy which targets certain specific users. I can't go into too much detail about this but if you're in the market for some high quality sports nutrition supplements, feel free to stop by the Predator Nutrition store and see if our agents choose to chat with you. We look to target potential customers which may need some help, or may be about to abandon their basket; we engage with visitors making sure they have all of their questions answered and have the products that they need.

Our UK based agents are also trained to provide excellent product recommendations to customers so that they get the products that they need and also any complimentary items which would improve their workout routine. And we have of course designed the live chat window to fit Predator Nutrition's branding so that customers know that they are chatting with a trusted representative of the company.

How To Increase Sales Using Live Chat Infographic

Our infographic is a fantastic guide of where to begin, but if you need a little further help in increasing conversions and average order value, feel free to get in touch with us.


How to increase sales using live chat infographic


Want to find out more about how to increase sales using live chat? Chat with us using the live chat tab below. You can also check out how much money The Chat Shop's agents could make for you with our Free ROI Calculator!

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