Outsourcing live chat can be a big decision. Outsourcing any part of your business can be. We understand.

To create the best sales for your business and the best experience for your customers, sometimes you have to look to outsource to professionals though.

One of the areas of your business that we believe you should outsource is the management of your live chat. This post explains one of the main reasons why you should outsource live chat to a professional team of agents such as our UK based live chat agents. If you want more reasons, just start a chat with one of our agents and see how outstanding they are.


The telephone wasn't always used as a sales and customer service tool. When sales and customer service call centres first launched it wasn't about getting the right telephone, it was about hiring the right people to use the technology to its full potential. The phone itself wasn't building sales or providing outstanding customer service, it was the agent doing the talking that was.

The same applies for live chat. You can't expect a great increase in sales, lead generation or improved customer service by just sticking live chat on your site. It's the live chat agent understanding the customer's needs and building rapport that solves customer issues in a fast and friendly manner, politely learns more about their needs and increases sales by solving problems and providing suitable product recommendations.

This is why you have to have the right people operating live chat. This is why you should outsource live chat to live chat experts.


Some people have the right personal traits, confidence and skills to have a good phone call, some don't. The same goes for live chat. Not everyone can handle multiple fast paced chats whilst providing outstanding service and increases sales and lead generation.

Our live chat agents are the kind of people that are ready for anything that a customer could throw at them. They understand customers even when they are using bad spelling, the wrong technical terms or incomplete sentences. They know what to do when faced with a disgruntled customer or a happy customer. And best of all they know how to explain a solution no matter what technical knowledge the customer has; and they know how provide product recommendations and upsell in order to increase conversion rates and average order value.


Not only do our agents have the right personality and language skills to calm a customer or understand broken English, they also have the skills to provide the customer with more.

Our UK agents are trained to turn a bad customer experience into a great one. Turn a partially interested prospect into a lead. And make a window shopper become a repeat customer that checks out with a high value basket.


Like I said, it’s not about having the technology on your site, it’s about having the right people that know how to turn it into benefits for your business. Just because you have a customer service team that already knows every inch of your business and can handle a great telephone call or email enquiry doesn't mean that they will be able to ace live chat. Live chat is a fast paced written communication channel. Chat agents need the right skills and training in order to deal with multiple enquiries at once and get the most from these interactions.

That’s why you should outsource live chat to a team that know what they are doing. That's why you should outsource live chat to our UK based live chat agents.


Interested in outsourcing live chat to our expert UK based agents? Find out more.